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Most Used Video Streaming App

Smartphones are changing the way things are happening in this world. Mobile devices are doing to Laptops What Laptops themselves did to the Personal Computers and Desktops. With the whole world now concentrated on our palms via mobile phones, we can do anything we want on our devices with the help of compatible apps.

For people who enjoy spending time with their smartphones by exploring new apps every day, here are the best apps you should know about:


Movie Box App

If you are a movie lover, then the Movie Box app is the one for you. This app allows you to stream, download, and enjoy movies on the move on your smartphones. The app is available for download for free on the Movie Box website. To learn how to get Movie Box on your iPhone or iPad, follow the guide given on the official website. You can watch unlimited movies and TV shows across various different genres and languages on this app.

Show Box App

Similar to the Movie Box app, the ShowBox App provides you with a great alternative to watching your TV shows and movies on your smartphones or download them to watch them later now. This app has a huge database of all the latest and old TV shows and movies across different genres so that everyone can enjoy the content on the app. To download the Show Box app on your smartphone or learn more about it, you can check out their site.

Pokémon Go

The Niantic made the game, Pokémon Go recently took the whole world by storm when launched a couple of months back. The game brought back the memories of everyone’s favorite cartoon show and provided them with a way to fulfill their destiny of becoming a Pokémon master. The game wants you to get up from your couch and roam around the world to find and capture all the Pokémons available nearby you.

Twitter Periscope

Apps such as the Periscope and Meerkat provide you with an option to stream live video from your social account. With Twitter now collaborating with the Periscope, you can now share and stream video to other users and chat with them at the same time. However, the Twitter Periscope is currently facing stiff competition from Facebook after it launched
its own video streaming portion on the app itself.


If you are in habit of reading news and latest happenings from across the world, then you must subscribe to the Feedly app. Available for free on the internet, this RSS reader allows you to subscribe to a number of websites around the web and get news from each one of them. The app also has provided you with support for YouTube channels and Podcasts besides more. With the new interface of the app recently launched, Feedly allows you to collaborate all your interests at a single place and read the latest news about them easily.